We believe that travel and relevant education are crucial catalysts for one’s self-development and creating positive change in the world.

Travel is a transformative experience and our vision is to empower more people to use travel as a means to learn and assist their personal growth.

We will work towards this vision by creating a network of small community Podstels built on values of community, learning and exchange.

What is Podstel?

The Podstel concept is best explained on 2 levels:

  • Functional - Podstel aims to be a small, 30-40 bed community hostel which offers the fundamentals of a traditional hostel - homely feeling, comfy beds, great showers & strong wifi.
  • Ideology - Podstel is built on values of community, learning and exchange and wants to go above and beyond by giving each guest a memorable and personable experience through ad-hoc activities, presentations, workshops and community events.


Unique Selling Points

1. Community Based Hostel

While travelling the world for the last 3 years, we have grown a tight-knitted community who have shared their ideas, skills and shaped the Podstel ideology into what it is today.

Naturally, community is at the root of Podstel’s philosophy and we believe that a great hostel is all about people and the experiences they share together.

We want to involve anyone who shares our passion and vision to jump on board and get involved in the following areas of the Podstel project: hostel development (renovation, decorating, volunteering) and hostel operations (sharing skills, running workshops, community events, future Podstels).


2. Growth Through Travel 

We believe that travel and education are crucial catalysts for one’s self-development and positive change in the world.

Podstel will be designed with our vision of growth in mind by creating an environment which nurtures inspiration and is conducive to learning and exchange.

We imagine a large multi purpose communal space to hold workshops, classes and events, moveable seating to encourage socialisation/discussions, white boards for guests to express their creativity, and inspirational deco.

To further our philosophy of community, we will organise and run ad hoc in-hostel workshops and community events (e.g. inspiring travel presentations, backpacker cooking workshop, and yoga classes) which empower our guests to experience and learn something new, while connecting with like-minded people.

Finally, we will also give guests the opportunity to volunteer and share their skills with other guests in return for food or a free night’s stay at the hostel.


3. Your Own Pod

After evaluating 100s of hostels, we understand the importance of:

  • A good nights sleep
  • Privacy
  • Sufficient storage space

Podstel will be created using our very own custom designed Pod Capsules which give travellers all the space they need, whilst striking the perfect balance between community and privacy.


An example design of a Japanese Pod Capsule.

Meet The Team 

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 17.43.03

Do you resonate with our vision?  

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