Do you believe in positive change through travel and education? If so, we want you to get involved with Podstel!

We are looking to partner with hostel enthusiasts, industry experts and existing owners and who share our vision and want to help set up the first Podstel, and beyond.

Here you will find information about our current position, our specification for the first Podstel and the opportunities/partnerships we are seeking.

Current Position as of August 2016:

  • We are UK citizens who are based and living in Leipzig, Germany.
  • We have secured €100,000 in investment for the first Podstel.
  • We are willing to share the business and Podstel’s future with partners who align with our vision bring a specialised skill-set to the project (see below).
  • We are seeking partners/investors for the first Podstel and potentially beyond, and are willing to relocate to anywhere in the world should the right opportunity arise.


What we have to offer:

  • €100,000 in investment.
  • Collective 12 years experience in the hospitality industry, with experience working in hostels in 6 different countries.
  • Combined skill-set: experience setting up small businesses, marketing, social media, writing, networking, videography, web design, graphic design and interior design.
  • Strong brand with compelling story and vision. Trademarked and copyright protected logo.
  • The Podstel Community:

    -Access to a pool of 50+ volunteers to help develop and renovate the first Podstel. 

    -Core following in UK, Australia, Canada, USA and Germany. Social Media figures: 3,000 Facebook followers from 40 countries, 2500 Twitter followers and 1,800 Instagram followers.

    -Access to network of over 10,000 travellers from 30+ countries.
-Website receives 10,000 monthly views.
-Podstel work and writings published in publications including BBC Travel, Business Insider, Elite Daily, Telegraph and Huffington Post.
  • Website and blog ( with 10,000 monthly views with the ability to integrate and transfer into a booking platform. Domain and hosting until June 2017.


Opportunities we are seeking:

  • Location/Building - partners, property owners or real estate agents with a building that is suitable for running a small community Podstel (see criteria below).
  • Partnerships – individuals who want to start a hostel and have practical experience opening, working in or running a hostel (particularly business, logistics, legal, administrative, local knowledge).
  • Hostel owners - looking to expand, sell or rebrand their hostel.
  • Franchisors opportunities - We’re open to buying a franchise of an existing hostel brand that complements our vision and ideology.


Criteria for a Podstel Hostel:

  • Locations that interest us: Berlin, Barcelona, Prague, Porto, Lisbon, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, Vancouver, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington. English speaking locations would be ideal but not essential.
  • 400-600m2 building to lease (potentially with the view to buy). Building is in good condition and only minor renovations needed.
  • Long-term lease: 5-10 years and rent of up to €3,000 per month.
  • 30-50-bed hostel.
  • Facilities: kitchen, big common room/multi-purpose room for communal activities/events, garden.

All criteria is negotiable and purely listed to give a rough idea of our vision for Podstel.

If you have any questions, ideas or any of the opportunities listed above resonate with you or anybody you know in the hostel industry then please get in touch here and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.